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5 Tips on Dramatically Increasing Revenue this Year

In the last 3 years, we’ve been able to scale Aerial Canvas from just two co-founders to a team of over 100 in California and all around the world. This year we’re on track to do $10m in revenue and double our team. Learn about our biggest investments and shifts in mindset and strategy here.

1. Packaging Products

Successful clients are ones who value their time. They’re always looking for the entire solution—not fragmented services and deliverables—and they’re willing to pay for it. At Aerial Canvas, we’ve created a premium, end-to-end solution that helps real estate agents sell their listings for top dollar, get more exposure, and ultimately build their brand. The Premier Package, our most popular service, is an all-inclusive marketing bundle that delivers next-day turnaround on photos, video, drone, 3D Matterport, and a listing website with which to show it all. This streamlined solution has given our clients an edge in their marketing and it gives us a strategic advantage against our competitors.

Client Review

Every team member I've worked with at Aerial Canvas has been great! This last project was shot by Shawn and he went the extra mile for us. Aerial Canvas is easy to work with, they arrive on time and meet their deadlines on getting you the media. Their work product is always impressive. I've used them for videos, photos, drone, 3D and 2D tours/floorplans, virtual staging, virtual tours, flyer design and websites for properties from small condos to large estates and am always impressed. They always have a can do attitude and my listings stand out amongst the rest. I highly recommend them for any of your digital media needs!

- Jeri Daines

2. Improving the Client Experience

Booking & Project Flow

An essential characteristic of great service is the ability to simplify the transaction. Imagine, having to drive in traffic to rent DVDs movies from Blockbuster instead of being able to lounge on the couch and watch any movie through Netflix. The most successful businesses have thrived on making it easier for us to do things we want to do. Want to buy something online? Amazon. Want a juicy burger? DoorDash some In-N-Out. They’re sucessful because they’ve created a better solution. Now how efficient is it for your clients to book with you for a shoot? We’ve developed a booking portal with Tonomo to make it extremely easy for our clients to book and manage their shoots with us. Check out:

Consultative Sales

People buy from you because you should know best as a full-time marketing and media service. Guide interactions by asking the right questions about their upcoming listing, recommending the best products to help their listings truly shine above the competition, and managing the project from start to finish effortlessly. We employ full-time Project Managers to help our clients with this process. They are consultants who are able to drive our sales through recommended packages rather than single services.

Property Websites

Dedicated listings websites are an essential tool in aggregating all digital assets in one place. They become a portfolio piece for your clients to proudly share in listing presentations and a marketing asset for your business. Clients are excited to share these sites with their buyers and sellers, as well as others network. And when it’s done right— quality photos, stunning videos, immersive 3D Matterport tours, enchanting copywriting—all in one place with an agent’s logo and their beautiful portrait, it ties the whole experience of buying and selling a home together. Our recommendation is Rela ( for these property websites. They’re best-in-class, have an amazing backend system, and you can white label the service as your own.

Project Delivery

Deliverables should be consistent and turnaround should be standardized. This allows for clients to know exactly what they’re buying and when they will be getting it. When you buy something and if it feels nicer in your hand or tastes better than it looks in the photos, then the product has exceeded expectations. You develop a dedicated client base by constantly exceeding expectations. To get more consistent project delivery, staff and set clear processes with your operations staff, and photo/video editors.

Client Review

“Craig, Alex, and Michaela absolutely wowed me and my client! Their expert direction made the whole process go smoothly and quickly. With such a quick turnaround time promised, I worried that the quality might suffer as a result. There was no need for concern as the pictures and video came out beautifully. Their creativity and professional eye really made the owner’s home stand out in all of the right ways. Very pleased with my first Aerial Canvas experience!!”

- Brandon Rampini

3. Closing Partnerships

The biggest deals you can close are with brokerages and agencies that already work with dozens if not hundreds of the clients you are after—real estate agents. These partnerships take time to build, but you have to start aiming for them today.

Aerial Canvas Core Value

Operate as a human-centered business and treat our clients with dignity, respect, and earnestness. Value their trust to earn the privilege of referral to their network.

4. Finding Referral Partners

There are many companies out there in the same industry serving real estate agents and the residential real estate market - staging companies, title/mortgage companies, construction companies. If you become an advocate for these players, they may become an ally or partner for your business. For example, , find out the stager of the last listing you shot, offer up the photos and video for free in exchange for their network, and keepthat deal going on as long as it’s a win-win. Title Companies are always looking for the next best thing in marketing to bring as a tool to support their agents, are you the next best thing? Aerial Canvas Core Value

Only aim to create mutually benefiting situations as win-wins are the only proven formula for sustainable long-term relationships.

5. Bring on Talent In-House

Contractors are great for scaling purposes. However, they’re expensive and not always reliable - They chase money wherever it may be, and if they have clients themselves, yours will come second. When you choose to invest in a full-time, in-house staff, your customers will receive top priority which converts to overall better customer service. As you grow, this allows you to scale more appropriately within a better budget and profits will remain available for you to invest in business opportunities and your valuable employees. If you’re a real estate company or agent in need of an in-house team, we can provide consultations as well as wholesale rates on a retainer.

Aerial Canvas Core Value

Value community and skills-sharing. Be willing to teach your peers everything they need to know to do your job so you can move on to bigger opportunities.

If you manage a real estate media company and are interested in learning more on how you can collaborate and partner with Aerial Canvas, please fill out this form

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