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These are our guiding principles that help shape each and every one of our roles at Aerial Canvas. Think of each point as a dial on a compass. Depending on where you are coming from or where you are aiming to go, one point may be more applicable than another. Whenever you feel guidance is needed, please refer to our Core Values listed below:

  1. Persevere when times are tough as diamonds are made under pressure.

  2. Practice a mindset where you owe those around you the absolute best version of yourself. Achieve this by seeking to live each day improving upon who you were yesterday.

  3. Only aim to create mutually benefiting situations as win-wins are the only proven formula for sustainable long-term relationships.

  4. Present result-driven solutions that are logical, practical, and scalable as opposed to problems with no clear resolutions, direction, or reason.

  5. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Remember that people are not mind readers and therefore it is important to speak up.

  6. Take chances and fail forward for failure is tolerated but quitting and complacency is not. 

  7. Be scrappy, resourceful, and look for answers on your own first. When you are accountable for your own successes and failures, it relieves others of that burden.

  8. Seek improvement—always. Acknowledge that the moment you think you know everything is also the moment you stop growing. Stay humble, stay disciplined.

  9. Be open and always share your best ideas to move your team forward but be prepared for your idea to be evolved or dismissed. Remind yourself that it is the work that matters.

  10. Value community and skills-sharing. Be willing to teach your peers everything they need to know to do your job so you can move on to bigger opportunities. 

  11. Own a passion project that at once hones in on your strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that it adds more value to the world and that it is not made in vain but rather in alignment with our core values.

  12. Operate as a human-centered business and treat our clients with dignity, respect, and earnestness. Value their trust to earn the privilege of referral to their network.

  13. Be an owner by embracing your mistakes as lessons and celebrating your successes as accomplishments.

  14. Understand that bare minimum effort can only produce bare minimum results. Have pride in your work because it is a reflection of you and you are a reflection of Aerial Canvas.

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